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Doodles SXSW

March 12–14, 2022

99 Trinity St. Austin, Texas

You’re invited to explore the colorful world of Doodles where land, air, and space unite to bring you an immersive experience like no other. Step inside the world of pastels and rainbow pukes where you’ll encounter interactive installations, Doodle-themed snacks and refreshments, and our special gift shop. Everyone’s invited - but Doodle-holders will be treated to exclusive surprises.

Doodle Land

  • Interactive travel guide - Amber
  • Doodle coffee (presented by Coffee DAO)
  • Doodle display wall

Doodle Air

  • Interactive travel guide - Misty
  • Noodle bar (presented by the Noodles)
  • Doodle popsicle bar

Doodle Space

  • Interactive travel guide - Apollo
  • Interactive Space Doodle
  • Doodle-themed cocktails and bar
  • Customization station
  • Interactive Graffiti wall (presented by Behr)


March 12TH–14TH

Activation Open

Doodles SXSW activation is open March 12th from 2pm–10pm, March 13th from 2pm–10pm, and March 14th from 12pm–5pm.

March 13th 1PM CST

Doodle Founders Fireside Chat

DOODLE HOLDERS EXCLUSIVE. A Doodle Founders Fireside Chat featuring Burnt Toast, Tulip, Poopie, and matt medved.

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March 14TH 9PM–12AM

After Party

DOODLE HOLDERS EXCLUSIVE after party featuring Special Guests.

How to Attend

Doodle Owners

Claim your Doodle-holder badge by registering through the Doodles Discord. Once registered, you’ll be able to pick up your badge on-site and enjoy holder-exclusive benefits.

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SXSW 2022 Pass Holders

Attending SXSW and have a pass? Come experience the magic of the Doodles!

Event Sponsors

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Created by the Doodles Founders with special ♥ to our developer partners, West Coast NFT, our moderators, alfie, disclosure, and the support from the community, our friends, families, and loved ones.

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